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Petition für ein Mitglied dieser islamischen Ummah

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Via Nazim Ali

If we lose Sheikh Zakzaky it will be simply because of the silence from the global community. His fault that he calls for resistance to the Israeli occupation of the whole of Palestine. The silence from the Shi’a pupits in the UK is deafening! Our Maulana’s on the whole are too Lilly livered to raise their voice for Shk Zakzaky. And the clans , the qazwinis, the Milanis, those mullahs who own TV stations have been absolute silent , not even a single word in support of SH Zakzaky. Shame on all of us for watching the Sheikh languish between life and death whilst we fill our bellies and those of our mullahs. Apart form a handful the rest are as good as dead on the issue of Shk Zakzaky.

466 signatures are still needed, can you add your signature? ✍️

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*In the Name of God*

To the Corrupt Nigerian ```President``` , Buhari:

We, the millions of sons and daughters of Sheikh Zakzaki's Peaceful Resistance, demand the immediate release of our father and leader Sayyid Sheikh Zakzaki!

As per the order of the Nigerian High Court, the imprisonment of our father is illegal and he Must be immediately released!

The criminal military of Buhari has robbed Sheikh Zakzaky of his six sons,
brutally beaten our Sheikh,
And poisoned him with led and cadmium!
We demand the immediate release and provision of medical care for our father Sheikh Zakzaki and warn Buhari and his criminal military, should any more harm be inflicted on our Sheikh Zakzaki, he will pay the price! 

We Are Black, We Are White, We Are Muslim, We Are Christian, We Are Believers, We Are Activists, We Are Everywhere, We Fight Oppression, And We Only Fear God!

Join us in the fight for justice and let us show:
No Justice No Peace!

Long Live Sheikh Zakzaky
Long Live The Islamic Movement 
Long Live Resistance


🖋 Sign this petition here:

🔹️دفتر بین الملل و جهان اسلام بسیج دانشگاه تهران

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AIM is extremely worried about the health and wellbeing of Shaykh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the founder and leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, who has excessive lead poison in his blood and remains in detention without treatment. 

Medical experts have found critical levels of lead poisoning in his blood whilst in detention. He also lost sight in one eye whilst in detention and has been refused medical treatment. 

We have also been made aware that protests inside Nigeria in the last 24 hours have been met with live bullet fire that has left at least two people dead. 

AIM stands in solidarity with the oppressed members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and says to them: Our dear brothers and sisters, your struggle is our struggle, your freedom is our freedom, and your leader is our leader; and we will do everything possible to uphold our duties in protecting the life and mission of the honourable Shaykh Zakzaky. 

We will be starting a permanent sit-in outside the Nigerian High Commission, this Thursday at 9.30pm. The sit in will start with Dua Kumayl and protests. We call everyone to join us.  

Our demands are clear:

•    We demand the Nigerian government  immediate release of Shaykh Ibraheem Zakzaky from illegal detention in line with ruling of the Nigerian High Court. His continued detention without charge or trial is illegal. 
•    We demand he is given access to urgent lifesaving medical treatment immediately. 
•    We call upon the Nigerian government to respect international laws and customs, and act with responsibility on this highly important issue. 

Anything short of these demands makes the Nigerian government complicit in the attempted murder of a religious leader of grand standing in the Islamic world. 

Dear brothers and sisters, the oppressed must not be made to feel alone and we must not sit idly and watch the honourable Shaykh Zakzaky be killed in vain. 

We call upon our Hussaini brothers and sisters, O you who have pledged your service to the Imam of our time (atf), we call upon you who have declared your oath to never allow Karbala to be repeated again to make a stand and to join in solidarity with the oppressed Shaykh Zakzaky in this hour of need.

*In light of this, activists will be undertaking a continuous sit-in outside the Nigerian High Commission in London until our demands are met. The sit-in will begin on Thursday evening from 9:30pm with the recitation of Dua Kumail.*

We call on the believers to uphold their duties by helping in whatever way possible in this endeavour. 

Wa Min Allah Al-Tawfiq. 

Wasalaamu Alaikum
9th July 2019

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Latest Update On My Ailing Father Sheikh Zakzaky

By Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky

Since my last writing dated July 7th 2019, in which I spoke of the disturbingly deteriorating state of my parent’s health; members of our Family including myself have been contacted by “prominent officials in Authority.” They promised to take all necessary steps to allow us to adequately attend to the urgent medical situation of my parents, in appropriate medical facilities outside of Nigeria. Since then certain preliminary steps have been taken by them to our satisfaction. However a whole lot more remains to be done.

Therefore, due to the urgency of the matter which the authority themselves have acknowledged; I wish to use this opportunity to urge them to spare no effort to speed up the process as time has clearly run out in medical terms. Although even now their health has continued to deteriorate, I can at least say that there is a process currently taking place. Within the next few days, I myself will write an update depending on how things unfold.

Even though I can state that some progress has been made, I cannot possibly understate the urgent nature of the situation; and the undeniable need to speedily get my parents properly hospitalized. If there continues to be progress as there has been in the last 2 days, I will say so, If the process becomes unreasonably slow I will say so; and if things unfortunately become deadlocked for whatever reason you will hear it from me or you will hear nothing.

Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky.


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